Strategic planning

Accurate and timely information is one of the most important conditions for business success, especially when it comes to starting a business or launching a new product / service.

Research organizations:
National Association of Detectives

Strategic research

It is important to process the obtained information correctly and to make it in the form on which certain strategic, tactical or operational decisions can be made. Offers business start-up or development research for a variety of purposes and areas, including:

The process of evaluating and developing an organization strategy

Strategic planning

The main factors for developing the right strategy are the analysis of the current situation and threats and taking into account, in order to achieve the set goals, the setting of specific tasks. Proper application of values, resources, visions and goals within the organization based on situation analysis, guarantee a successful existence of the organization in the long run.

  • SWOT analysis (analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and threats of the organization)
  • PEST analysis (analysis of political, economic, social and technological environment)
  • STEER analysis (analysis of socio-cultural, technological, economic, ecological and regulatory factors)

Organizational diagnostics

Strategic Development and Action Plan

Develop an organizational structure

Competitive intelligence

Design of operations and processes

Trainings and coaching

National Association of Detectives

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