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National Association of Detectives offers polygraph services. The service will be provided by the specialists of the association.


Testing on a lie detector begins with interviewing to obtain information that will then be used to formulate "control questions, relevant questions, and inappropriate questions." The lie detector specialist then explains how the printing tool works, after which testing will begin.

The polygraph is prepared according to the pre-prepared questions, the content and language of which must be agreed with the representative of the association in advance. , Which forms the basis for the assumption that these answers are correct or false.

Can an employer conduct a printing test?

Georgian and international law partially or fully regulates this issue. It should be noted that all rights have certain preconditions regarding the above-mentioned rights on the part of the employer, it depends on the voluntary right of the employee, therefore if there is the will of the employee it is possible to exercise the above right.

Can you force a person to take a lie detector test?

International law, including Georgian law, may force a person to take any action. Accordingly, the polygraph test, the persons present during the test and the openness of the conclusion depend on the will of the person being tested.

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This service is used by both individuals and legal entities, it is noteworthy that the lie detector creates a new alternative to litigation.

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