realtime mode

Listen to realtime mode, or view the recording at any time. Remotely control and listen to the open microphone (mobile surroundings)


Record keystrokes, you can see if anything is typed on the keyboard. All images, video and audio recordings are also stored.

Spy on

Chat Software. iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, skype, LINE and + 12 apps All records are stored: skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, etc.

Remote control

Remotely control the cell phone camera. You will find: SMS, emails, web history, Bookmarks, app usage, address book, notes, calendar.

Has 100% invisible mode.

The program can be used on the devices you own.
After installing the service and software, select the subscriber packages


1 month


3 month


6 month

Frequently Asked Questions

Spy app is a remote monitoring and parental control program. It is used by parents who want to track their children remotely and managers or businessmen who are looking for their employees. Spy app lets you see what is happening on target iOS or Android device.

The application itself is 100% legal. But using the program may have some limitations. It is legal to use the Spy app to monitor the devices of the company issued to minors or employees. Also, the Spy app can be used to monitor your personal devices. Finally, you can track your spouse if he or she gives you permission.

Log in to your Spy App account from any PC or phone web browser. You will get access to the Spy app panel. You can remotely control the target device from here. The dashboard offers an overview of phone activity.

Yes, it is. Spy app sends data updates over the internet. It does not require constant access, but you will receive new data only after the phone is connected to WiFi or the phone network.

There are no reliable ways to determine if a monitoring software is installed on your phone or tablet. Check your repository for suspicious files. Watch your phone and check that it behaves irregularly, including sudden restart, slowdown, and very fast battery drain. These symptoms say that there is a spy app on your phone.

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