Security Service

The National Association of Detectives offers security service

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Andrey Matushkin

Protection by manpower

Physical protection of objects, ie protection of living force is one of the best forms of protection of public order and material values. Despite the development of electronic security systems, equipment and technologies, manpower protection still remains the most effective and best method of protection.

Guarantee protection:

  • Maximum protection of customer requirements and interests
  • Individual approach to consider the categories and features of protected objects
  • Selection of guards with professional data
  • Systematic instruction and preparation
  • High degree of protection control

Alarm - The best service for family and business safety

We will protect you everywhere and always
No matter where you are at home or too far from home

24 hour monitoring

Our monitoring service 24 hours a day continuously checks the operation of electronic security systems, protection and removal, power outages, defects in mobile communication systems; Makes quick and timely decisions when needed; You can call the operator on duty at any time and get detailed information about your facility.

Video Control

Video surveillance system allows you to monitor your office, apartment, cottage, etc. from anywhere and anytime

Situations when the video surveillance system provides security:

Residence protection

When choosing a supervisor you should consider:

For what purposes do you need protection or video surveillance

What is the lighting, visibility of the area

What is the area, open or closed

The area you are going to oversee

Do you need visible or hidden controls?

You need to use technology if you need live protection

Vehicle control (countermeasures)

Provides a device through which you can control your car, as well as reveal whether your car is controlled by similar devices.

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