The National Association of Detectives offers services in the following areas:

Phone and Computer Spy

Monitoring of all types of mobile phones and computers.

We offer programs through which you can monitor any type of Iphone, Android and WINDOWS PC.

GPS control

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone. It does not require special software to be installed on either the server or the desktop of the organization, it is enough to access the WEB interface through a browser using a login and password.

lie detector

National Association of Detectives offers polygraph services. The service will be provided by the specialists of the association.

Monitoring (SPY) equipment

security Service

Physical protection of objects, ie protection of living force is one of the best forms of protection of public order and material values. Despite the development of electronic security systems, equipment and technologies, manpower protection still remains the most effective and best method of protection.

Camera installation

Protect the security of your property

Control your property with a mobile phone or computer from anywhere in the world

Conducting strategic research

Do you have a business and want its security. We will help you achieve the full security of your business, with you tailored to the company.

Complete package of business security

Journalistic investigation

We offer any type of journalistic investigation. The team of the Information Analytical Agency will work in the direction you want and will give you the result as a conclusion.

Detection of criminal surveillance, countermeasures

Detection-control of mobile phone, computer and car (countermeasures)

Full range of private detective services

(Accepted by Georgia,
Established and ratified
According to international norms)

Full range of legal services

Our highly qualified lawyers offer a full range of services in any legal direction

Contract Law

We offer any kind of assistance under contract law.

Obligation law

Offer breach counseling and legal aid in breach disputes.

Administrative Law

Provides legal assistance in matters governed by administrative law