GPS control


Online monitoring

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone.

History of routes

The monitoring system keeps a detailed history of the movement of the devices for 6 months.

Detailed maps

Monitoring system GPS Control offers the largest selection of maps. All maps are licensed; You can use the maps at no extra charge.

Monitoring from smartphones

GPS Control allows you to control your car fleet even if you are not at your desktop computer.

Detailed maps

Reasonable Search automatically displays the address you are looking for on a map. In case the information at the address is not complete, the system will offer you some of the most approximate options.


The system consists of 15 alarm types

  • Digital IO
  • Arrival / departure to the object
  • Enter / exit the zone
  • Stop at the object
  • Stop in the zone
  • Speeding in the zone
  • Stop the car
  • Speeding
  • Standing with the engine running
  • Motion with the engine disconnected

Through the mobile application you will be able to:

  • Determine the location of the device in real time;
  • View relocation history;
  • You will receive pre-configured messages / alarms in the system;
  • Generate key reports;
  • You will see an overview

Vehicle control (countermeasures)

Provides a device through which you can control your car, as well as reveal whether your car is controlled by similar devices.