We offer equipment with different characteristics

Car video cameras

Car camcorder CM-19; Car camcorder CM-15; Car video camera CM-4

Watches with camera

Clock Wi Fi IP camera; Clock with camcorder SM-9; Clock with video camera SM-12; Clock camera with night vision S-21

Clothes with a camera

Button with camera GL-2; Belt with camcorder QV - 3; Cape with camcorder KP-1; Tie with camcorder KL-2

GPS - GSM tracker

Hidden sound listening cable; GSM Voice Alarm G-80; GSM Covert Voice Listener… GSM Voice Alarm… GSM Voice Alarm მოძრა Motion… GSM "Mouse" GSM Magnetic Alarm G-04; GSM Plug-in G-15

Keychain with camera

Keychain with camera P-4; Keychain with night vision P-8;

Pen and keychain

Pen dictaphone D-7; Keychain with camera P-4


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Andrey Matushkin
Our Authorized Representative! The public association "Eurasian Association of Polygraph Examiners" is pleased to inform that our friend Shalva Kuprashvili (Shalva Kuprashvili, Chairman of the National Association of Detectives of Georgia) has become the authorized representative of the Association in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey!
Sergei Aleskovskiy