Cyber and information security

Cyber security services to help you stay safe as the company grows

Cyber risk management

At this stage, appropriate control mechanisms for the risks and weaknesses identified in the company are introduced, which are in line with business processes.

Cyber risk assessment and security testing

At the initial stage of the service, the information security risks in the company are assessed and security tested, which includes:
Identify information security risks and technical vulnerabilities that affect the company's business processes
Identify risks and dangers
Risk prevention through business process policies and the introduction of technical control mechanisms in the organization
Manage risks
In the event of a cyber incident, the company has the ability to maintain business continuity and minimize possible losses.
Maintain continuity
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Information security outsourcing

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Cyber Incident Response Team manages all cyber incident response processes. Incident Response Service

Responding to and managing cyber incidents

In force majeure situations, it is important for companies to have a business continuity strategy that enables them to continue doing business smoothly in the event of unforeseen events.

Business continuity

The company is obliged to take organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of data from accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, disclosure, extraction and any other illegal activity.
The security measures taken will cover such issues

Security of personal data

People are considered to be the weakest link in companies in terms of cyber security, so it is important to constantly raise their awareness about the risks associated with cyber threats and methods of cyber attack.

Staff training