National Association of Detectives

The National Association of Detectives represents both the public and members of the International Association.

About the Association

Georgian National Association of Detectives – Public Organization; Launched as an association of professional lawyers and private detectives with the aim of becoming a lawyer
Change the negative stereotypes around the profession and private detective and promote the development of the legal profession and private detective with international partners on the example of them and their own professionalism, competence and activities, human rights, alternative investigations, international standards, rule of law and civil society development.


The National Association of Detectives carries out its activities In the following main directions:


Full range of private detective services; Development of a legal aid system; Improving the legislation of Georgia; Judicial representation of strategic citizens and strategic litigation; Detection of criminal surveillance, countermeasures; Professional training of lawyers;


Alternative investigation; Complete business security package; Conducting strategic research; lie detector; Journalistic investigation; Full range of legal services; Civil society development; Promoting freedom of information and transparency;

Associations & Memberships

The National Association of Detectives operates in Tbilisi and eight regions.

Partner of 155 countries in the world

The partners of the National Association of Detectives are detectives and associations of the world’s leading countries

One of the most famous private detectives in Georgia is Shalva Kuprashvili. Vice President and Representative in Georgia INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DETECTIVES IAPD. He has over 15 years of private detective experience and has successfully completed hundreds of cases. This is a really reliable person who has proven his competence in this matter. Looking for a private detective? Why are you amateurs? We have professionals! Over 5,000 successful cases! Call now, we’ll help you today!

Andrey Matushkin

Our Authorized Representative! The public association “Eurasian Association of Polygraph Examiners” is pleased to inform that our friend Shalva Kuprashvili (Shalva Kuprashvili, Chairman of the National Association of Detectives of Georgia) has become the authorized representative of the Association in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey!

Sergei Aleskovskiy
Eurasian Association of Polygraph Examiners